We heard for a very long time that the Wanderers were going to be good this year. The W-League's sleeping giants have awoken, they all said. They're finally going to take their proper place at the mantle of the league's powerhouses, they reckoned.

But until October 29, it all sounded like a lot of talk, no action. Well, they made us eat those words.

Lynn Williams, Kristen Hamilton and Denise O'Sullivan (who we're not going to mention again because she's Irish) all arriving on the same day is the equivalent of your birthday being on Christmas...and Lynn Williams coming to your party.

Can we just say that again, Lynn Williams is coming to the W-League. Lynn Williams!

The US superstar is clearly the biggest name in the competition this season after the departure of Sam Kerr and for good reason, she has a wonderfully rounded game and while she'll score a bagful of goals, she'll create moments of brilliance just about everywhere around her.

But the best thing about Williams' arrival is it almost made us forget about Kristen Hamilton, who is arguably just as deadly a striker.

For most of North Carolina Courage's championship season this year, she was actually our pick for closest contender for the golden boot.

It's unlikely that the Wanderers will even create enough opportunities this season for Hamilton and Williams to finish off, they're that deadly. But it will be fun to watch them try.