There was a lot to like about them in that game, their trans-zonal use across all three thirds was outstanding and you can tell that most of the team have been playing together for quite a while.

The combinations especially in the defensive end with Mannix and Weston, they just read off each other and are slowly becoming one of the best defensive combinations in the competition.  

The Vixens mid-court hasn’t missed a beat, with the introduction of former NSW Swift Kate Eddy into the role of wing defence.

Eddy is versatile enough to be a goal defender, which you can see by what she brings to wing defence, and the way she is able to help with the transition out of the defensive third,  being able to read the rebounds and the intercepts that are coming, before they happen and know where she needs to be for the next pass.

Lizzy Watson and Kate Moloney are outstanding as always, they have that on-court connection to know where each other will be, and they own that centre third, which allows the goalers to be able to set up in the goal circle and get ready to receive the pass.

Overall they are quickly becoming the best team to watch in the competition.