#WitnessFearless is the rallying call, urging netball fans nation-wide to “drive netball forward together”.

The campaign combats a TV Guide review in The Age of the Super Netball competition, which was published on July 27 this year: 

“Once just for schoolgirls and workplace bonding, this is now a full glamour sport for many.”- The Age, TV Guide.

This review, which came as a shock to many, has inspired this fierce campaign, breaking free of the stereotype placed on the sport and allow people to view netball in a positive, competitive light. 

Aiming to “crush negative reviews, change perceptions and change headlines”, #WitnessFearless is giving a platform to the elite Melbourne Vixens athletes, while inspiring the younger generations and silencing the critics and keyboard warriors.

Melbourne Vixens’ captain, Kate Moloney, is leading the PUMA Campaign, using the 2020 season to highlight the intensity and hunger from her side in the Super Netball competition.

Moloney, who has been a key part of the Vixens since 2013, is using this campaign to celebrate her teammates and opponents, whom demand respect both on and off the court.

“This campaign is about trying to encourage people to switch on the TV and see what it’s all about,” Moloney said.

“These girls are elite athletes, but they’re so much more than that.” 

While simultaneously challenging past netball perceptions and showcasing the sheer talent and commitment of the women, PUMA’s promotion uncovers the many facets that netball brings to the table. 

“The physicality, the strength and the power that these athletes have is pretty amazing. You don’t actually realise that until you watch it,” the 27-year-old said.

The Vixens, who have won four of their first five games of the 2020 season, are taking this campaign and using the rallying call on court to bring #WitnessFearless to the younger generations of girls who idolise these women.

“The more we can show girls that there is an opportunity, the more girls we will get playing and loving the sport.” 

And Moloney is taking all the attention in her stride with her side’s busy schedule away from home.

“We’re playing two games a week, but grateful that we are here in Brisbane and able to play,” Moloney said.

“And we love the sport so much, we want other people to watch it and to see what it's really about.”

But the campaign with PUMA runs deeper than just netball, with the four-year captain insinuating that this campaign invites women across all codes to be fearless.

“It’s about trying to get netball out there, but also to get women’s sport out there,” she said.

“The more people we can getting seeing it, they’re just going to grow to love it.”

The campaign, #WitnessFearless showcases three key messages.

 To demand more together, to see netball to believe it and reinforce the fearlessness of the sport.

 You can watch the full #WitnessFearless campaign here.