Without it we wouldn’t have seen the likes of Georgie Horjus or Nyah Allen, who were both named training partners at the beginning of 2020.

Having the increased bench is also a great way to manage injury, for the likes of Kelsey Browne this season, coming off injury, having an extra two on the bench was a way to manage her load coming back on court.

Looking towards 2021, having the increased list will allow some superstars of the game to return to their respective sides as well as the clubs able to hold onto their young talent.

The Magpies being prime examples, with Collingwood Foundation player Kim Ravaliion miss the 2020 season after the birth of her daughter.

Mel Bragg has come into the side as Ravaliion’s place in the side and made the role her own. Having the increased bench to 12 would allow both Bragg and Ravaliion to remain in the side, if they both chose to do so.

Having the 12-player bench would allow for teams to being able to unearth new talent, while keeping experienced players within the team.

April Brandley for the Giants is a prime example, after being named a training partner for the Giants, after giving birth to her son, in February. She was able provide experience to the Giants side both on and off the court.