There are obviously going to be teething issues, especially with the first time it was properly implemented was the first game of Round 1. It wasn’t clear until the round that just went if the player had their feet fully in the 2-point zone.

It definitely adds a level of excitement to the game, it shows that teams can’t put their foot off the gas because the element of the 2-point shot can let any side back into the game.

There were always going to be players that excel at it, that a pro at the long shot, with the likes of Helen Housby, Jo Harten and Steph Wood. But it’s always exciting when a typical under the post shooter like Jhaniele Fowler and Romelda Aiken can pull off a 2-point shot. 

The Lightning V Firebirds game was an example in round 1, the firebirds were in front by a lot, but because of the 2-point shot, Lightning got themselves back in the game.

On the other end of the scale, where the game has blown out, the super-shot probably doesn’t make anything better. For Example, with the Firebirds V Vixens game, the super shot probably didn’t help the score-line since it was a one-sided affair.

It’s added a level of strategy to the game, where the defenders have to keep the shooters out of the 2-point zone, where usually the defenders would force the shooters into shooting as far away from the post as possible, but due to the  introduction of the 2-point shot, defenders are having to force the shooters to take the 1 point or intercept it before it gets to the circle edge.

It’s turned out better than what most first thought, and it probably wouldn’t be as good if it was there for the entire game instead of just the last 5 minutes and it does add an extra element to the game. It has also allowed the likes of Kiera Austin, Gabby Sinclair, Tippah Diwan, Georgie Horjus to shine.