There is one private organisation helping to bridge the funding divide. The Rebelettes, for all their hard-work and countenance, are quick to thank their principal sponsors – Workplace Law – for making the club’s rapid rise possible.

They’re quickly becoming a symbol of all that is possible in women’s sport, with a little helping hand.

“Workplace Law has been a huge part of the Rebelettes’ success, not just through the funding but the other elements they bring to the table – they help us get exposure and they both introduce us to, and assist us to apply for, grants for facilities like women’s change rooms,” Nay says.

“All that work wouldn’t have been possible without them.”

White adds: “Workplace Law were the backbone behind it.

"They’ve provided us the equipment the boys have that we didn’t use to have access to – everything from professional playing kits to a branded marquee, sun smarts and all that,” she grins.

“We want to promote them in any way we can because they’ve backed our dreams.”