Lynn Williams - 8

Williams said they wanted to start strong, and she was instrumental in doing just that, pulling off an early lung busting run to cut-back to Hamilton. She assisted the second moments later burning Ally Green before setting up Cooney-Cross. She finally got her goals scoring a double in ten minutes to finish the game.

Kristen Hamilton - 7.5

Calm under pressure, Hamilton laid the ball off to Harrison to net the opener. She assisted Williams' goal to round out the match, luckily for her, her teammate was at the back post to finish off the move. 


Caitlin Cooper - N/A

Vesna Milivojevic - N/A


Aubrey Bledsoe - 5

Harrison's shot was quick enough that Bledsoe barely moved for the Matilda's rocket. 

Ally Green - 4

It was a poor start from the left-back with Lynn Williams running rings around her. Both goals came from her left flank and she was substituted at half time.

Ellie Brush - 4

It's hard to deal with a dynamite American duo, even the experienced Ellie Brush couldn't keep her finger on the pulse in this match.

Alanna Kennedy - 4

Sydney FC's first shot on target came 44 minutes in as her free-kick nestled into the arms of Abigail Smith.