The Wanderers were two goals up in under eight minutes in a classic shock and awe. Amy Harrison came back to haunt her former employers before Kyra Cooney-Cross made it two seconds later. 

The 17-year old came back for seconds however when she surprised the crowd with a long range blockbuster that sent the Wanderers into a comfortable 3-0 lead at the break. 

Lynn Williams finally got her goals with a double salvo in ten minutes to deal the coup de grace to Sydney FC. 


Abigail Smith - 6.5

Smith was hardly troubled until the second half when Sydney started to make inroads into the Wanderers box. 

Courtney Nevin - 7

Nevin's passing when in attack was impressive which was helped by Lynn Williams' intelligent runs. 

Sam Staab - 7

Staab put in an early dominant block on Remy Siemsen and assert her authority on the match.

Alex Hyunh - 7

Hyunh had the legs to keep up with Remy Siemsen as Sydney FC tried to isolate defenders and use the attacker in behind. She passed with flying colours.