The Wanderers were two goals up in under eight minutes in a classic shock and awe. Amy Harrison came back to haunt her former employers before Kyra Cooney-Cross made it two seconds later. 

The 17-year old came back for seconds however when she surprised the crowd with a long range blockbuster that sent the Wanderers into a comfortable 3-0 lead at the break. 

Lynn Williams finally got her goals with a double salvo in ten minutes to deal the coup de grace to Sydney FC. 


Abigail Smith - 6.5

Smith was hardly troubled until the second half when Sydney started to make inroads into the Wanderers box. 

Courtney Nevin - 7

Nevin's passing when in attack was impressive which was helped by Lynn Williams' intelligent runs. 

Sam Staab - 7

Staab put in an early dominant block on Remy Siemsen and assert her authority on the match.

Alex Hyunh - 7

Hyunh had the legs to keep up with Remy Siemsen as Sydney FC tried to isolate defenders and use the attacker in behind. She passed with flying colours.

Erica Halloway - 7

Halloway was enjoying a great opening to the game with her and Williams combining well on the right flank. 

Denise O'Sullivan - 7

Intelligent play but also a fiery first half. She assisted Cooney-Cross' long ranger and had an big hand in the Wanderers midfield structure. 

Amy Harrison - 7

A beautiful pile-driver got the Wanderers off to a perfect start just four minutes in. Harrison had 

Ella Mastrantonio - 7

The Wanderers were able to switch play effectively and precisely thanks to the awareness of their midfielder Mastrantonio. 

Kyra Cooney-Cross - 7.5

Her second goal of the season saw her pass the ball into an empty net. She has Lynn Williams to thank for her delightful goal. Her second goal was a beautiful long range strike into the bottom left corner.

Lynn Williams - 8

Williams said they wanted to start strong, and she was instrumental in doing just that, pulling off an early lung busting run to cut-back to Hamilton. She assisted the second moments later burning Ally Green before setting up Cooney-Cross. She finally got her goals scoring a double in ten minutes to finish the game.

Kristen Hamilton - 7.5

Calm under pressure, Hamilton laid the ball off to Harrison to net the opener. She assisted Williams' goal to round out the match, luckily for her, her teammate was at the back post to finish off the move. 


Caitlin Cooper - N/A

Vesna Milivojevic - N/A


Aubrey Bledsoe - 5

Harrison's shot was quick enough that Bledsoe barely moved for the Matilda's rocket. 

Ally Green - 4

It was a poor start from the left-back with Lynn Williams running rings around her. Both goals came from her left flank and she was substituted at half time.

Ellie Brush - 4

It's hard to deal with a dynamite American duo, even the experienced Ellie Brush couldn't keep her finger on the pulse in this match.

Alanna Kennedy - 4

Sydney FC's first shot on target came 44 minutes in as her free-kick nestled into the arms of Abigail Smith.

Angelique Hristodoulou - 4

Some early passing couldn't make up for Lynn Williams trickery who switched flanks to take 

Teresa Polias - 4

Her side were flailing in the opening minutes but helped to steady the ship. It didn't help when Cooney-Cross wasn't closed down and was allowed a long range strike to make it 3-0. 

Sofia Huerta - 5

Huerta's passing was neither here nor there in a match that saw Sydney's midfield struggle to deal with the Wanderers pressure. 

Chloe Logarzo - 4

Logarzo's efforst in midfield got her no reward as she struggled to turn and face the Wanderers. A one-on-one chance was spurned just as Sydney started to gain some momentum. 

Princess Ibini - 5

Ibini wasn't having the best of times in the first half but was moved to left-back at half-time as Sydney FC chased three goals. 

Caitlin Foord - 5

Foord tried her damnedest to twist and turn and make chances but the end product for Sydney FC just wasn't matching. 

Remy Siemsen - 5

The striker barely saw the ball during the match as Sydney failed to fashion effective chances. 


Veronica Latsko - 6

Latsko came on with tenacity but her effort couldn't be turned into goals. 

Amy Sayer - 6

Should have put Sydney a goal up seconds after coming on but her scuffed shot landed in the hands of Smith.

Natalie Tobin - N/A