The Suncorp Super Netball announced last week that the league would be relocating to Queensland for part or all of their season.  Clarification will be made after round six.

This includes the opening weekend.  The new opening weekend calendar was modified after new border restrictions were put in place. The fixtures are as follows:

The league have also that with player welfare and player load in mind, the bonus point and the extra time rules will not go into effect for this season.  However, the new Super Shot which gives goal attacks and goal shooters two points for every successful shot from a 1.9m zone within the goal circle in the last five minutes of each quarter will remain in place.

Moreover, teams will be able to bring 12 players to each game, 10 full squad members and 2 additional players who can be changed between matches according to required needs.

The following are the eight 2020 Super Netball Squads:

Adelaide Thunderbirds

Full Squad: Sasha Glasgow (GS, GA), Samantha Gooden (GA, GS), Layla Guscoth (GD, WD, GK), Charlee Hodges (GA, GS), Maisie Nankivell (C, WD, WA), Hannah Petty (C, WA). Chelsea Pitman (WA). Lenize Potgieter (GS, GA), Kate Shimmin (GD, GK), Shamera Sterling (GK, GD), Shadine van der Merwe (WD).  

Training Partners: Chelsea Blackman (GD, GK), Georgie Horjust (GA, WA) and Tayla Williams (C, WA).

Coach: Tania Obst

Collingwood Magpies

Full Squad: Melissa Bragg (WD, GD), Kelsey Browne (WA, C), Madi Browne (WA, C), Matilda Garrett (GD, GK), Molly Jovic (C, WA),  Geva Mentor (GK, GD), Shimona Nelson (GS, GA),  Gabrielle Sinclair (GA, GS), Jodi Ann Ward (GD, WD).

Training Squad: Brooke Allan (GK, GD), Nyah Allen (GA, GS), Sharni Lambden (C, WD), Emma Ryde (GS, GA).

Coach: Rob Wright


Giants Netball

Full Squad: Kiera Austin (WA, GA, GS), Caitlin Bassett (GS), Jo Harten (GA, GS), Madeline Hay (C, WA, WD), Kristiana Manu'a (GD, GK), Matilda McDonell (GD, GK), Teigan O'Shannassy (GK, GD), Amy Parmenter (WD, C), Sam Poolman (GK, GD), Jamie-Lee Price (C, WD).

Training Squad: Toni Anderson (WD, GD), Sophie Dwyer (GA, GS), Claire O'Brien (WA, C), Lakita Tombs (C, WA), Clare Longi (GK, GD), Matisse Letherbarrow (GS, GA).

Coach: Julie Fitzgerald

Melbourne Vixens

Full Squad: Kadie-Ann Dehaney (GK, GD, GS), Kate Eddy (WD, GD, GK), Tayla Honey (WA, C, WD), Mwai Kumwenda (GS, GA), Emily Mannix (GK, GD), Kate Moloney (C, WD), Tegan Phillip (GA, GS), Caitlin Thwaites (GS, GA), Liz Watson (WA, C), Jo Weston (GD, GK, WD).

Training Squad: Sacha McDonald (GA, GS), Jacqui Newton (GD, GK, WD), Allie Smith (WD, GD), Ruby Barkmeyer (GA, GS), Elle McDonald (C, WA, WD).

Coach: Simone McKinnis

NSW Swifts

Full Squad: Sophie Craig (C, WD), Sophie Garbin (GS, GA), Paige Hadley (C, WA, WD),  Nat Haythornthwaite (WA, GA), Helen Housby (GA, GS), Sarah Klau (GK, GD), Lauren Moore (GD' GK, WD), Maddy Proud (C, WA), Maddy Turner (GD, WD), Sam Wallace (GS, GA).

Training Squad: Elle Bennetts (C, WA), Kelly Singleton (GA, GS), Tayla Fraser (C, WA), Olivia Coleman (GK, GD).

Coach: Briony Akle

Queensland Firebirds

Full Squad: Romelda Aiken (GS), Mahalia Cassidy (C, WA), Lara Dunkley (WA, C, WD), Tippah Dwan (GA, GS), Rudi Ellis (GK, GD), Macy Gardner (C, WA), Tara Hinchliffe (GD, GK), Kim Jenner (GD, GK), Jemma Mi Mi (C, WD, WA), Gami Simpson (WB), Ine-Mari Venter (GS, GA).

Training Squad: Ruby Bakewell-Doran (GD, GK), Hulita Veve (WD, GD).

Coach: Roselee Jenckle








Sunshine Coast Lightning

Full Squad: Cara Koenen (GS, GA), Laura Langman (WD, C), Annika Lee-Jones (GK, GD, GS), Phumz Maweni (GK, GD), Maddy McAuliffe (C, WD), Karla Pretorius (GD, WD), Peace Proscovia (GS), Jacqui Russell (WA, WD, C), Laura Scherian (WA, C), Steph Wood (GA, WA).

Training Squad: Sienna Allen (GK, GD), Binnian Hung (GA, GS), Annabelle Lawrie (GS, GA), Ashlee Unie (GD, WD).

Coach: Kylee Byrne

West Coast Fever

Full Squad: Jess Anstiss (WD, C), Courtney Bruce (GK), Verity Charles (C, WA), Ingrid Colyer (WA), Shannon Eagland (GD, WD), Jhaniele Fowler (GS), Stacey Francis (GD), Olivia Lewis (GK), Kaylia Stanton (GA), Alice Teague-Neeld (GA, WA).

Training Squad: Sunday Aryang (GK, GD), Emma Cosh (GA).

Coach: Stacey Marinkovich


When speaking of the last-minute changes, Suncorp Super Netball CEO Chris Symington stated: 

‘’The league has understood from the beginning that this season would need to be flexible to ensure we’re able to carry out a full 60-match competition and we have created a system and fixture to deal with the uncertainty of this health emergency,” he said.

“The health and safety of all players, officials and support staff is paramount and by moving all scheduled matches to Queensland this weekend and beyond, we’re ensuring this safety, along with the sustainability of the season.

“We thank all of our players, officials and support staff, especially those based in New South Wales today, for being so flexible with the circumstances we’re facing. We understand it isn’t easy to leave home for an extended period at short notice and we will ensure the league is adequately supporting these teams.”

Sunday's first match will be on Nine and Netball Live.  The last will be on Telstra TV and Netball Live.