The Suncorp Super Netball announced last week that the league would be relocating to Queensland for part or all of their season.  Clarification will be made after round six.

This includes the opening weekend.  The new opening weekend calendar was modified after new border restrictions were put in place. The fixtures are as follows:

The league have also that with player welfare and player load in mind, the bonus point and the extra time rules will not go into effect for this season.  However, the new Super Shot which gives goal attacks and goal shooters two points for every successful shot from a 1.9m zone within the goal circle in the last five minutes of each quarter will remain in place.

Moreover, teams will be able to bring 12 players to each game, 10 full squad members and 2 additional players who can be changed between matches according to required needs.

The following are the eight 2020 Super Netball Squads:

Adelaide Thunderbirds

Full Squad: Sasha Glasgow (GS, GA), Samantha Gooden (GA, GS), Layla Guscoth (GD, WD, GK), Charlee Hodges (GA, GS), Maisie Nankivell (C, WD, WA), Hannah Petty (C, WA). Chelsea Pitman (WA). Lenize Potgieter (GS, GA), Kate Shimmin (GD, GK), Shamera Sterling (GK, GD), Shadine van der Merwe (WD).  

Training Partners: Chelsea Blackman (GD, GK), Georgie Horjust (GA, WA) and Tayla Williams (C, WA).

Coach: Tania Obst

Collingwood Magpies

Full Squad: Melissa Bragg (WD, GD), Kelsey Browne (WA, C), Madi Browne (WA, C), Matilda Garrett (GD, GK), Molly Jovic (C, WA),  Geva Mentor (GK, GD), Shimona Nelson (GS, GA),  Gabrielle Sinclair (GA, GS), Jodi Ann Ward (GD, WD).

Training Squad: Brooke Allan (GK, GD), Nyah Allen (GA, GS), Sharni Lambden (C, WD), Emma Ryde (GS, GA).

Coach: Rob Wright