Currently, the record stands at 17,440 for a match between France–England at Stade des Alpes in Grenoble for Women's Six Nations earlier this year.

The Women's Rugby World Cup features 12 teams with athletes having their say in the way the tournament could be improved. They wanted a world-class village and facilities capable of hosting great crowds, which Newcastle has.

"They have two boutique stadiums that are 5,000 to 6,000 so they will feel really full and the girls will have a great experience regardless of what country is playing," Castle said.

"But then we have McDonald Jones Stadium and if we could get 40,000 people in there, it would break the world record for a women's rugby game and that's our ambition," she said.

The last World Cup in Ireland saw the final between England and New Zealand attract 17,115 at the Kingspan Stadium, which has a capacity of 18,196. 

Players will also get an upgrade in accommodation with the Athletes Village set to be at the Crowne Plaza in the Hunter Valley.

Previously, teams have been in university dorm type accommodation.

Submissions by all bidders are due tomorrow as consultations with World Ruby will happen over the next three months and an announcement on the host is made in November.