Following another thumping by the Black Ferns on home turf, things aren't looking good for the Wallaroos heading into the reverse test on Kiwi soil

Nestor's chances for change are probably a little lighter than he would have hoped, but he's still swung the axe twice; with Shannon Mato and Mhicca Carter promoted from the bench.


1. Liz Patu, Wests, Queensland Women’s XV, 22 caps 
2. Averyl Mitchell, Souths (Brisbane), Queensland Women’s XV, 3 caps 
3. Evelyn Horomia, Brothers, NSW Waratahs Women, 6 caps 
4. Michaela Leonard, Vikings, Brumbies Women, 3 caps 
5. Alisha Hewett, GPS/ADFRU, Queensland Women’s XV, 20 caps 
6. Millie Boyle (vc), Royals (Canberra), Queensland Women’s XV, 11 caps 
7. Shannon Mato, Sunnybank, Queensland Women’s XV, 3 caps
8. Grace Hamilton (c), Sydney University, NSW Waratahs Women, 14 caps 
9. Georgia Cormick, Power House, Melbourne Rebels Women XV, 3 caps 
10. Trilleen Pomare, Kalamunda, Rugby WA Women, 10 caps 
11. Lori Cramer, University of Queensland, Queensland Women’s XV, 3 caps 
12. Ariana Hira-Herangi, Kalamunda, Rugby WA Women, 3 caps 
13. Alysia Lefau-Fakaosilea, Sunnybank, Queensland Women’s XV, 3 caps
14. Mahalia Murphy, Campbelltown/Maitland, NSW Waratahs Women, 10 caps 
15. Mhicca Carter, Cottesloe, Rugby WA Women, 5 caps 


16. Ash Marsters, Harlequins, Melbourne Rebels Women, 9 caps 
17. Emily Robinson, Warringah, NSW Waratahs Women, 10 caps  
18. Christina Sekona, Sunnybank, Queensland Women’s XV, 2 caps  
19. Michelle Milward, Vikings, Brumbies Women, 8 caps  
20. Emily Chancellor, Sydney University, NSW Waratahs Women, 5 caps  
21. Iliseva Batibasaga, Sydney University, NSW Waratahs Women, 14 caps 
22. Arabella McKenzie, Randwick, NSW Waratahs Women, 3 caps  
23. Samantha Treherne, Sunnybank, Queensland Women’s XV, 13 caps  


“We were disappointed with the performance we put out last week as we know that wasn’t our best Rugby," Nestor said.
“The good news is that we get another opportunity this week and the team is looking forward to getting back out on the park and playing at one of the most iconic venues in World Rugby. 

“Bringing Shannon (Mato) into the starting side, just changes things up for us a bit in the backrow and we know Mhicca (Carter) has got some explosive speed that can match her opposite numbers.

“The team has responded really well this week to the feedback that the coaching staff has given and we’re looking forward to getting back to playing Test Rugby.”