Australia will play in four Test matches this year, a significant increase from the previous schedules which saw the Wallaroos play just five Tests between the 2014 and the 2017 World Cups.

The Wallaroos honed their preparation with an opposed session against the visitors on Tuesday with three 20-minute periods helping cement their combinations in the teams first match this year.

"Basically it was just to sort out our combinations and coming together after a pretty strong season of Super W, for the coaches' and the players' perspective to get the right combinations coming into the Test match," Wallaroos vice-captain Cobie-Jane Morgan said. 

The series against New Zealand won't take place until next month, it has been two games marked in the schedule since the announcement earlier this year.

However, the Wallaroos main goal heading into Saturday is to put their full focus on Japan, something Australia learned during the opposed session.

"They're pretty strong around the breakdown, I guess we knew that with their body frames, they're very strong and they're quick and they like to recycle the ball fast," Morgan said.

The Wallaroos are looking for their first win in nearly two years when they come up against the Asian Champions.

Australia faces Japan in the first of two Tests this Saturday at Newcastle Sportsground No.2 with the match to be broadcast LIVE on FoxSports.