The turning point for Olsen came when she knew what she was doing wasn't as well as she expected.

"I just realised that I wasn’t going to get anywhere with the lifestyle that I was living and I needed to make changes," she said.

"I had a look at the people around me who were succeeding and realised how differently we went through life and slowly started changing things."

After looking at her schedule Olsen knew she needed to be better with her time management and took steps to better prepare herself.

It's paid off too. 

Olsen not only placed at the Queensland Senior State titles, where she finished with six out of six lifts.

Olsen hopes to represent Australia one day, whether that be at an Oceania or Pacific Games, but she also has a bigger dream to reach a Commonwealth Games.

"That would be a while off but never say never I guess," she said.

"I am not rushing anything and focus on long term goals." 

Olsen will be competing at the Australian U23 Championships on August 16.