Growing up, Olsen was a keen gymnast but with the training taking a toll on her body, she was strongly advised by a specialist that she stop or the teenager could do irreversible damage to her body.

After quitting gymnastics, Olsen found herself to be quite lost and bored as she was no longer training. However, her mum heard about CrossFit and thought it was something she would enjoy.

"I did that at the age of 15 did it for about two years and then my CrossFit coach got in touch with the Australian weightlifting coach Miles Wydall," Olsen said.

Wydall has coached the likes of Rio OlympianTia Clair Toomey, who now has a Commonwealth Games gold medal.

After a while, Olsen started doing less CrossFit and more weightlifting until she eventually quit CrossFit all together. While she gradually improved over this time, it was after graduating from high school and moved into the workforce that she started to struggle.

Moving from a structure routine day in and out from the last 12 years to not having that can be tough and the Queensland born athlete has spoken openly about her struggles with injuries, sickness and motivation.

"I was waking up at 2:30am for work, finishing work going to training and not getting home from training till about 7:30pm-8pm and then not getting to bed until about 9pm-10pm," Olsen said.

Getting just four to five hours of sleep a night just wasn't allowing Olsen's body to recover from intense weight training sessions.

"My body was just not coping and I was getting super sick and having to take time off training and was getting injured," she said.

"All of this affected my motivation because I was exhausted all the time couldn’t train properly so I wound up ditching training and just going home to sleep."