I give all credit to Sydney FC

This season has been one of my best W-League seasons, and it’s quite funny it’s turned out that way because you’d think as you get older you start to lose your game a little, but I feel I’ve been starting to peak at this age.

I give all the credit to Sydney football club and my teammates. It’s just so good to be in a professional environment and have professional players and staff around me and they have brought the best out of me.

To be able to come to training and be a leader and be able to be myself is another reason why I am having a good season.

Sydney FC has always had a good core of players. This season we had a mixture of youngsters and mature senior players and that has been the difference.

It’s also about respect. The respect that we have for each other. No player is bigger than the club and that was the big reason for where we are now regarding the success we’ve had. We all respect the jersey and respect each other.

I’ve also been involved with a lot of the young girls coming through the ranks here at Sydney FC. It inspires me to give back to young people and it’s given me more incentive to represent the jersey a little bit more.

That was a big part of me coming to Sydney because it’s such a big development team and there are a lot of youngsters in the squad. When I look back at the past season it’s been one of the main reasons why I’ve been playing the way I’ve been playing.

With the recent success of the Matildas and the way we’ve been winning everything and being noticed and being respected it’s a real confidence boost for me.

It’s something that I’ve always dreamed of for the last fifteen years of my career so to still be around for it is amazing.