The club has been praised for their equal contribution and attention to their women's programs but for McKinna it is just what they do.

"We are just doing what is right," he said.

"What we doing is just respecting women's football. We are running a football club and everyone is treated the same," McKinna said.

How did this come to be though? 

Last season was the first time the Jets had run the W-League team on their own as they previously had indirect ownership of the team as it was run through Northern NSW Football.

"A lot of it was new to us but the emphasis at the beginning was we put as much effort into looking after the girls as looking after the boys," McKinna said.

It was also the first time the Jets had control of their academy sides which included six boys teams and five girls teams. The Jets is one of the only clubs in Australia to provide girls academy teams.

"We see us as one club now, whether you are a W-League player, academy player or A-League player, you get treated the same," McKinna said.

Recently the U14 and U15 girls were crowned Champions of their age divisions at the National Youth Championships in Coffs Harbour so the club has planned to introduce the teams to the crowd at their first A-League game of the season. Not only this but the teams will lead the fans in singing their club song, "You'll Never Tear Us Apart", before kick-off.

For the W-League team, the club discovered they had never had a dressing room before, having trained out of NNSW Football since the inaugural season in 2008. So the Jets wanted to do something for them and approached the local council.

"Newcastle Council were outstanding, they got the team pre-season training at Adamstown Oval, which is great, and we are going to the No.2 Stadium once they've down the ground up after the rugby season," McKinna said.

"The big thing for us is they knew they were part of the club, they weren't just an add-on or a talking gesture, yeah we've got a W-League team.