Caitlin Pickett, from Surfside Waves, won herself a scholarship at the University of Wyoming in America in 2018 and represented the Australian Under 19 Schoolgirls two years in a row.

The training and development she received at Galaxy played a major part in this achievement. Pickett was signed by powerhouse South Melbourne for the 2020 season.

This year, the likes of former Deakin Ducks local league players Imogen Pratt and Christie Merry have taken their game to another level. The training they have received as well as the quality of opposition they have faced have made them much better footballers.

“Christie Merry is great, she came to us wanting to improve and she did that,” Casha said proudly.

“Take nothing away from her though, she worked hard to get where she’s is, it didn’t just happen. And without the pathway, she might of just stayed comfortable.”

Galaxy youth products and Geelong bred juniors like Claudia Casha, Tegan Visser, Ciara Major, Ashleigh Pickett and Coco Cummins to name a few, have already experienced senior football.

Meanwhile, the likes of Bridget Baldasso will get there soon enough. It is clear Galaxy are a club that is enhancing female football in Geelong.

Casha admits the club has to do more work to win over the Geelong region but is confident it will happen sooner rather than later.

“That’s a tough one,” he said.

"Football wise we don’t sell ourselves well enough. We’ve got the runs on the board considering our short life.

“Emily Kenshole was signed by W-League clubs, Caitlin Pickett played for Australian School Girls all thanks to exposure while playing for Galaxy.

“Even Julia Budiongo was selected by the Young Matildas program after Galaxy plucked her out of State League.

"Numerous juniors have played rep football and even recently players have been selected for NTC. These are just a few of many more coming through the program.

“We definitely need to work harder at our relationship with in the region and connect better with our community.

"We need to become more accessible to clubs who need assistance with training. The current board has already started that dialogue with clubs, so the process has begun."