Alexia Moreno - 6

Frustratingly had to play defense much more than she was on the offense. Moreno had limited chances for Perth and caused a majority of the fouls for her team.

Liana Cook - 6.5

A forward that was barely in the mix for Perth. A small piece as to why Perth stayed off the stat sheet.

Isabella Foletta - 7

Never a good night when your backline sees 15 shots with six of them on frame. Foletta just not able to overpower Canberra off of the ball in this game.

Natasha Rigby - 7

She was able to pressure Canberra some and her handball in the open field did stop a highly potential goal scoring chance for Canberra.

Katarina Jukic - 6.5

Hardly any chances for her. Jukic’s teammates never really got the ball to her and she had little impact in the game.


Shannon May - 8

She was a substitute at the halfway mark and used to help settle own Perth. The team had a much better second half thanks in part to May’s performance.

Ayesha Norrie - 8

Another substitute that did well for Glory, but it was too little too late to get them back in the match.

Jenna Onions - 8

A second half substitute that was able to slow down Canberra in the second half.