Sham Khamis- 7

Hard to rate a player who hardly touched the ball, but when you’re a goalkeeper that’s not a bad thing. Khamis only had to make one save and it was not too difficult for her.

Laura Hughes - 9

Commanded the back four well and kept the ball from getting back to Khamis for most of the match.

Kaleigh Kurtz - 9

Well composed in the backline and able to get Canberra out of potential sticky situations.

Jessie Rasschaert - 9

A superb start to her Canberra career. You could hardly tell this was her first time lining up with her teammates since she looked right at home on the pitch.

Nikola Orgill - 9

She helped keep Canberra off of the score sheet and eliminate any of their potential chances.

Simone Charley- 9.5

First game suiting up for Canberra and she nets a brace. Both of which happened inside the first 11 minutes. Can’t ask for a much better start than that.

Olivia Price - 8.5

The midfield was dominated by Canberra which was large in part due to the play of Price. She got the offense going and was the reason for plenty of Perth takeaways. 

Katie Stengel - 7.5

A lot of Camberra’s offense went through Stengel today. They looked to find her early to have her dish out passes. With the exception of the opening goal, Stengel was not able to create many notable scoring chances for herself or her teammates. 

Camila - 8.5

Controlling the tempo of the match and providing dangerous passes all game. Camila even assisted the first goal with a wonderful ball in from the flank. 

Karly Roestbakken - 8

Played well in her club debut playing as a true midfielder. It would have been nice to see more from her but a knock to the face had her leave the match early.

Leena Khamis - 7.5

The quietest forward for the team on the day. It is difficult for all of a team’s front three to constantly have shots on goal. She still had a few opportunities that kept Perth on their toes.



Ashlie Crofts - 7.5

She came in and had some spark for Canberra and even put a ball on frame for the squad.

Emma Stanbury - 7

A late sub for Canberra where they were in no urgency to try and net a third goal.

Keir - N/A

84th minute sub.


Eliza Campbell - 7

When a goalkeeper gives up two goals in a match it’s hardly their best outing. However the tempo of Canberra and all of their opportunities could have been much worse if not for the play of Campbell.

Kim Carroll - 7.5

She still had plenty of her bruising tackles and one that saved a goal, but overall a quiet night for Carroll. 

Julia Sardo - 7.5

She showed some offensive life for Perth on the flank, but had to get back on defense too often to get much for Perth. 

Leticia McKenna- 7.5

She was all over the pitch for Perth, but could not get much going for her team offensively.  

Jamie Lee-Gale - 7

A member of the backline that let in two goals in under 11 minutes. She will have to help anchor the defense in the beginning minutes for games to come. 

Caitlin Doeglas - 7

Dominated by Camberra’s midfield. She was able to disrupt Canberra’s offense on occasion, but spent most of the match chasing her counterparts.

Alexia Moreno - 6

Frustratingly had to play defense much more than she was on the offense. Moreno had limited chances for Perth and caused a majority of the fouls for her team.

Liana Cook - 6.5

A forward that was barely in the mix for Perth. A small piece as to why Perth stayed off the stat sheet.

Isabella Foletta - 7

Never a good night when your backline sees 15 shots with six of them on frame. Foletta just not able to overpower Canberra off of the ball in this game.

Natasha Rigby - 7

She was able to pressure Canberra some and her handball in the open field did stop a highly potential goal scoring chance for Canberra.

Katarina Jukic - 6.5

Hardly any chances for her. Jukic’s teammates never really got the ball to her and she had little impact in the game.


Shannon May - 8

She was a substitute at the halfway mark and used to help settle own Perth. The team had a much better second half thanks in part to May’s performance.

Ayesha Norrie - 8

Another substitute that did well for Glory, but it was too little too late to get them back in the match.

Jenna Onions - 8

A second half substitute that was able to slow down Canberra in the second half.