Sham Khamis- 7

Hard to rate a player who hardly touched the ball, but when you’re a goalkeeper that’s not a bad thing. Khamis only had to make one save and it was not too difficult for her.

Laura Hughes - 9

Commanded the back four well and kept the ball from getting back to Khamis for most of the match.

Kaleigh Kurtz - 9

Well composed in the backline and able to get Canberra out of potential sticky situations.

Jessie Rasschaert - 9

A superb start to her Canberra career. You could hardly tell this was her first time lining up with her teammates since she looked right at home on the pitch.

Nikola Orgill - 9

She helped keep Canberra off of the score sheet and eliminate any of their potential chances.

Simone Charley- 9.5

First game suiting up for Canberra and she nets a brace. Both of which happened inside the first 11 minutes. Can’t ask for a much better start than that.