Eliza Campbell - 7

When a goalkeeper gives up two goals in a match it’s hardly their best outing. However the tempo of Canberra and all of their opportunities could have been much worse if not for the play of Campbell.

Kim Carroll - 7.5

She still had plenty of her bruising tackles and one that saved a goal, but overall a quiet night for Carroll. 

Julia Sardo - 7.5

She showed some offensive life for Perth on the flank, but had to get back on defense too often to get much for Perth. 

Leticia McKenna- 7.5

She was all over the pitch for Perth, but could not get much going for her team offensively.  

Jamie Lee-Gale - 7

A member of the backline that let in two goals in under 11 minutes. She will have to help anchor the defense in the beginning minutes for games to come. 

Caitlin Doeglas - 7

Dominated by Camberra’s midfield. She was able to disrupt Canberra’s offense on occasion, but spent most of the match chasing her counterparts.