Leagues around the world are still trying to adapt to this unprecedented situation. At present, the only northern hemisphere winter league to attempt to conclude their 2019-20 season is the Frauen-Bundesliga.  

Arguably the cancellation by other leagues is a good thing. Unlike the Frauen-Bundesliga, no other winter league had a viable plan on how to deal with the logistics and additional costs while implementing proper health and safety requirements to keep players safe from COVID-19.  

Instead of coming up with plan filled with half measures in an ever-changing situation, it may be best to take the next few months to properly prepare the league, clubs and players for the next northern hemisphere winter league season.  

As for the summer northern hemisphere leagues, having an abbreviated season may be better than foregoing the totality of the season. The importance though is to ensure a safe environment for players.

There will be few Matildas who play at all in the near future.  For those Matildas with contracts in the FAWSL, Primera and Division 1, they will all have to wait for the next northern hemisphere season to start.  Those who play in the NWSL and Toppserien may miss their summer northern hemisphere seasons altogether should travel restrictions not change.  

This leaves Gielnik starting next weekend in Germany and Kellond-Knight with a chance of starting to play next month in Sweden.  It is the hope of all that those restarts remain safe for all players involved. 

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