Germany - Frauen-Bundesliga

At present Emily Gielnik is the only Matilda playing in Germany's Frauen-Bundesliga.  The FC Bayern Munich player has been in Munich since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The DFB, the German FFA, approved the restart of the remainder of the Frauen-Bundesliga today. Certain teams have already been practising for over a month while following strict health, safety and testing requirements.  With this go-ahead, the women's league will restart games this Friday.  

To accomplish a safe restart the DFB and the richest Bundesliga clubs created a solidarity pot to help cover the extra expenditures surrounding testing and health and safety requirements.

Less endowed Frauen-Bundesliga and lower league men's Bundesliga clubs requiring extra financial backing are given funds from this pot to cover restart costs.

When the league was suspended in March, Gielnik's FC Bayern still had six regular season games to complete the season.  FC Bayern Munich's first restart game is scheduled to take place this Saturday, May 20, 2020 against TSG Hoffenheim.

Spain and France - Primera Iberdrola Femenina and Division 1 Féminine

Two Matildas play in Spain and France.  Alex Chidiac plays in the Primera Iberdrola Femenina with  Atletico Madrid while Mary Fowler signed with Division 1 Féminine side Montpellier HSC earlier this year.

Both leagues were officially curtailed earlier this month with Barcelona FC being named Primera champions and Lyon Division 1 champions.  The leagues are now preparing for their respective 2020-21 seasons.

Italy - Serie A Femminile

Lisa De Vanna is the only Matilda to currently play in Italy.  The latest reports have her in her Florence home during the lockdown, awaiting the Fiorentina FC season to resume.

After earlier reports of the decision to cancel the rest of the season, Series A Femminile has postponed this decision, hinting at a possible season restart.  Several teams including Juventus Women and AC Milan have restarted practising.

Should the season be restarted De Vanna's Fiorentina FC still have seven 2019-20 regular-season games to play.