On Thursday, the ICC unveiled their new ranking system which saw Australia top both the ODI and T20 format of the game. Under the previous system, introduced in 2015, both formats were combined to determine who held world No.1 spot.

After a whitewash of New Zealand in their recent T20I series, Australia sits on 280 points in the T20I charts, ahead of the Kiwi's on 277, while England sit third on 276.

However, to maintain their current status heading into the World Cup next month, Australia will need to win in their upcoming T20I series against Pakistan.

"I must admit we were a bit surprised to be no.1, I think we know we've started to turn things around," Mott said.

"We are excited to be no.1 and I think the challenge is to stay there. 

"There is no better time then T20 World Cup, we will be playing against all the best teams so by the end of the tournament we will have a good gauge of where we're at," he said.

Despite a standout batting and bowling performance against New Zealand earlier this month, Australia will be looking to work on their fielding during their training session this afternoon.

"We will do a little bit of fielding intensity because that's a part where that we identified we need to tidy up on in the last series," Mott said.

"Our fielding wasn't at the standard we demand of each other so that's certainly a focal point," he said.

Australia arrived in Malaysia overnight ahead of their practice match tomorrow before they begin the first of three ODI's starting on Thursday.