Bobby Despotovski raised the stakes for this one by firing a warning shot - of sorts - at the team he branded 'The Melbourne City Matildas'.

With a side featuring no less than nine of the current Australian crop, he has a point.

Perth knew they had to be defensively resolute to stand a chance in this topsy-turvy battle between one of the league's strongest and weakest sides. And at half-time it was so far, so good.

Despite City sitting top of the table, there was a bit of a debate raging over Rado Vidosic's tactics as well.

But when this sorta stuff happens, well, what can you do but sit back and applaud?

Ultimately, it was a game of same-old, same-old. City winning, albeit unconvincingly, by a one goal margin. Perth losing despite a decent defensive performance due to their lack of attacking options. Eliza Campbell having an absolute belter, but failing to keep a clean sheet.