We'll start in typical fashion, at the end as Adelaide United succumbed to the strikeforce power of Canberra United at Marsden Sports Complex. But it was the less than ideal playing conditions that got tongues wagging...

Strolling rabbi took it a step further.

The AUFC coaches were admitting it had been a tough week in the City of Churches, as Adelaide was forced to change their training schedule significantly due to the South Australaian bushfires and heatwave.

But in typical W-League fashion, when the going gets tough, mateship prevails. Even for the referee.

But to finish us off on a positive note, let's just recap that Leena Khamis goal one more time...


What promised to be an electric top-of-the-table encounter at the beginning of the season ended up being a dour 0-0 draw, a product of both team's mixed standards so far this season.

Oh, and Casey Dumont's brilliance.

For some, it was nice to be able to watch the match at all after the original fixture was re-scheduled due to more heatwave conditions, with the original game set to take place in a 36 degree swelter!

But ultimately, there wasn't a whole lot to see here...


Now for the big one! The one everyone was waiting for since we first caught glimpse of Lynn Williams and co in a Wanderers kit did not disappoint at all...

Although there was a surprising hero in red and black.

In fact, the prominent imports played second fiddle at times, as another Matilda got the ball rolling, while the same true blue midfielder was pulling all the strings.

It was soon being called the best Wanderers performance in W-League history. We can't argue with that.

But while it was a sensational, groundbreaking day in Wanderland, consternation still abounded at the lack of fans there to witness it. Western Sydney, renowned for having the most passionate fans in the A-League, could only muster just over 2,200 people to the occasion.

The likely offender? A 5pm Friday kick-off time - to accommodate the double-header - that made getting there after a 9-5 job almost impossible.


Bobby Despotovski raised the stakes for this one by firing a warning shot - of sorts - at the team he branded 'The Melbourne City Matildas'.

With a side featuring no less than nine of the current Australian crop, he has a point.

Perth knew they had to be defensively resolute to stand a chance in this topsy-turvy battle between one of the league's strongest and weakest sides. And at half-time it was so far, so good.

Despite City sitting top of the table, there was a bit of a debate raging over Rado Vidosic's tactics as well.

But when this sorta stuff happens, well, what can you do but sit back and applaud?

Ultimately, it was a game of same-old, same-old. City winning, albeit unconvincingly, by a one goal margin. Perth losing despite a decent defensive performance due to their lack of attacking options. Eliza Campbell having an absolute belter, but failing to keep a clean sheet.