Now for the big one! The one everyone was waiting for since we first caught glimpse of Lynn Williams and co in a Wanderers kit did not disappoint at all...

Although there was a surprising hero in red and black.

In fact, the prominent imports played second fiddle at times, as another Matilda got the ball rolling, while the same true blue midfielder was pulling all the strings.

It was soon being called the best Wanderers performance in W-League history. We can't argue with that.

But while it was a sensational, groundbreaking day in Wanderland, consternation still abounded at the lack of fans there to witness it. Western Sydney, renowned for having the most passionate fans in the A-League, could only muster just over 2,200 people to the occasion.

The likely offender? A 5pm Friday kick-off time - to accommodate the double-header - that made getting there after a 9-5 job almost impossible.