Currently, the women have five legs on their World Series in the 2017-18 season, which can mean months between playing tournaments, while the men travel to 10 competitions every season.

"With five World Series tournaments plus the Commonwealth Games and the Rugby Sevens World Cup in San Francisco in July, the women have seven tournaments this year, more than they usually have," World Rugby Head of Competitions and Performance Mark Egan said.

"We will be expanding the Series to six shortly and ideally, we would like to go to Asia," he added.

This comes after women's sevens exploded onto the scene in 2012-13 with only four events but has only grown and the recent Commonwealth Games, which was the debut of the women's side of the sport at the event, saw sellout crowds watching women's sport.

"I think it reflects the contribution women make to our game and have always made to our game," World Rugby Chairman Bill Beaumont said.

"You come here to watch a game of rugby, you don't come here to watch women playing rugby because the standard is excellent," he added.

However, while World Rugby want to add more tournaments to the women's circuit they have previously said there needs to be a week break in between tournaments for player welfare.

"The Series is very intense competition window from December to May, so we have to make sure we have the scheduling right for the players," Egan said.

There is currently only one integrated tournament, Sydney Sevens, and this is one way World Rugby think they can get another tournament onto the circuit.

New Zealand is one of the nations looking to host a combined tournament as their current Hamilton Sevens is only for men with the women not playing a series until the recent Commonwealth Games.

The men hade four series within that period.

"NZ are very interested in holding a combined men's and women's event as are other tournaments, the more that are combined the better as it gives a better profile to the women's side of the sport," Egan said.