Set the Standard featured inspirational business and sporting women who are all making waves in their respective fields.

The panel was made up of Raelene Castle - CEO of Rugby Australia, Ellie Cole - Australian Paralympian, Sam Mostyn – Board Member for the Sydney Swans, Ann Odong – Creator of The Women’s Game and current Campaign Coordinator for the FFA 2023 World Cup Bid and Facilitator of the evening, Sarah Groubes – current Sub-Editor for The Women’s Game.

Over the course of the evening, each of the panellists shared their personal stories of how they came to be in their current position and gave advice to those wanting to follow in their footsteps.

They discussed how to overcome the roadblocks that women can face in both business and sport and all followed the same theme, of how important it is to “back yourself".

Raelene Castle explained that there was a tendency for women to see a job advert and avoid applying if they didn’t meet all criteria, whereas men would just apply.

Castle continued saying having faith in your ability and knowledge to pick things up along the way is what will open up more doors for women in male dominated upper-management roles. 

Ellie Cole shared her personal journey, of her battle with cancer as a child where she ultimately lost her leg.