Australia competed alongside England in their sub-division today as they begun with the uneven bars. 

Unfortunately, uneven bars specialist Rianna Mizzen fell and had to remount the apparatus, however, Brown, who was the last competitor was able to produce a solid performance.

Only three of the four athletes scores count towards the overall points for that apparatus.

After an unsteady performance on the balance beam paired with mixed results on floor saw the vault become the most important apparatus for the team in their last rotation. 

Australia sat in fourth behind Canada, England and Wales so the team produced the highest set of scores on the vault out of every team which performed.

While many would have thought the pressure would have been on the Australian's to perform, Brown said it was the opposite.

"I actually felt more pressure on the first apparatus because it sets you up for a good competition," she said.

"So when I got to vault I was just like embrace it, just really go with the crowd."

It was a close result between England and Australia with only 5.2 points separating them.

"To be honest we weren't looking at the scores, we were very focused on trying to do our job," Brown said.

"I mean, we had a few mix-ups.

"None of our performances were perfect so ultimately, we were just focused on our own thing."

Brown will be joined by Georgia Godwin the All-Round final.