She has already created history by being undefeated in both the women’s K1 and C1 after three World Cup events this year.

A record never achieved in the history of both men’s and women’s paddling.

"It been an incredible start to the season, my best ever in both events, and I was feeling excited," Fox told Planet Canoe media.

"There was a bit of a break so we are back in the race mode now and it's going to be interesting to see the level of the girls and I'm just here to enjoy myself on the water. Take it one race at a time and it would be amazing to go four," she said.

The fourth event, being held in Tacen, Slovenia, comes over a month after the last event.

On Friday night AEST the 24-year-old navigated her way into both the K1 and C1 semi-finals this weekend despite the rainy conditions.

She finished seventh quickest behind World No.2 and Germany’s Ricarda Funk in the K1, and five seconds quicker than the next best, who was fellow Australian Rosalyn Lawrence, in the C1.

"The K1 was the first run of the day, felt a little bit nervous, timid and shy on the water and I think I should've been more aggressive but it's enough to qualify for semis," Fox said.

"The C1 run felt really nice. I'm pretty happy with the day's work and I'm looking forward to another rainy day," she said.

Fox will be back on the water from 6:08pm tonight for the K1 semi-finals with the final being held at 8:40pm.