The former Matraville Sports High student told The Women’s Game she wasn't hanging with the right people in New Zealand.

“I was hanging around, not necessarily bad people, but New Zealand’s all about drinking and my mum asked me to move over and I started afresh and I think it was the best decision of my life,” she said.

The NSW women’s Super W team are also happy she made the decision to move back, as Leaupepe’s been at the forefront of the team’s three wins at fly-half.

She's enjoying the camaraderie of her teammates, as well as the atmosphere the Super W provides.

Based in Hurstville, Leaupepe travels to Warringah with some other teammates to play for Warringah.

She said it was a proud moment running out with eight club teammates for the NSW women’s team on home soil last Saturday.

She loves playing for the Ratettes, as they have a “good atmosphere and a good vibe” within the team.

Already an international player who made her debut during the Wallaroos second test-match of their New Zealand tour in 2016, Leaupepe says an extended Wallaroo squad will be selected after the Super W final and she was hopeful of selection.

“From here they pick 40 or 50 girls and you have to keep training, making the commitment and the hopefully”, she said.

Leaupepe perfectionist attitude drives her, mentioning her team could have won by more if some of her teammates listened during their match against the Brumbies.