The Team-

Re-signed- Kaylia Stanton, Courtney Bruce, Alice Teague-Neeld, Shannon Eagland, Jhaniele Fowler, Jess Antiss, Verity Charles, Ingrid Colyer, Stacey Francis, Olivia Lewis.

What happened Last season.

After a Grand Final loss in 2018 against the Lightning, Fever produced a disappointing 2019 missing the finals.

But there was a lot to of glimpses of a powerful fever line up. It was the breakout season for Kaylia Stanton, really making her mark in the Fever’s starting seven. As well as an awesome defensive duo with Courtney Bruce and Stacey Francis bringing the heat to opposition teams.

What to look forward to

You can look forward to the Fever’s stars really shining, and new stars getting the opportunity to make their mark on the game.

You can expect intercepts galore from the defensive half, and an unchanged fever line-up means that the shooting combinations, with Fowler under the post and either Stanton or Teauge-Neeld in Goal attack the circle can really start to take shape and become dangerous combos to come across.

Three important players

Jhaniele Fowler- One of the best shooters in the world, Fowler is a very hard shooter to defend, she is able to position her body so that she can get the pass into the circle and make it extremely hard for any defender to get the intercept. She is one of if not the most important player for Fever.

Courtney Bruce- At the other end of the court, Courtney Bruce is able to get the intercepts or cause a turnover and she does it with ease and always smiling. She is a very hard opponent for any shooter to get past.

Stacey Francis- Another important player in the Fever’s defensive line up, her game smarts and read on the play to make sure that she is in the right place at the right time for the intercept is absolutely incredible, when she is at her best the rest of the competition better watch out.

One to Watch

Alice Teauge-Neeld is ready to make her mark on the game, and when she is on, she will be an absolute force in the competition, 2020 will be her second season at the Fever after making the switch from Collingwood at the end of 2018, but she is on the verge of being the next break out goal attack.