Jencke's team were engaged in one of the ugliest - and most entertaining - matches of the season last weekend against the Giants, so Jencke's hoping for a little more subtlety against the Thunderbirds.

“We’ve got young players," Jencke said.

"Kim (Jenner) and Tara (Hinchcliffe) are still learning their craft and the game, and Kim was playing against really experienced campaigners in Jo Harten and Jo is very clever – don’t underestimate how clever Jo is in being able to manipulate the court and the area she plays in.

“Those are things that Kim needs to learn and put into her game. I think this week has been a real focus on making sure we are dictating the space more."

Jencke sees this week’s match against seventh placed Thunderbirds as a great opportunity to secure the Firebirds’ first win, with nine losses and two draws from 11 matches this season throwing her long-lived coaching regime into question.

“Shamera Sterling is having an outstanding season and so we want to minimise her impact as much as possible,” she said.

"The Thunderbirds attack is potent with Maria Folau and Chelsea Pitman and so we want to minimise their influence by disrupting their connection."

The team has farewelled South African import Erin Burger, who returned home to attend her brother’s wedding this week.

The arrangement for an early end to her season came through mutual agreement, as, without finals prospects, it was felt that bringing her back for the remaining two games of the season was unnecessary.

Jencke said Burger’s contribution was significant and thanked her for answering the call in Round 5 when Mahalia Cassidy suffered an ACL injury.

“Erin made herself available and joined our team after the season had begun," she said.

"Her ability to fit into this tight-knit group and integrate herself is to be lauded and to then deliver exceptional netball is evidence of what an outstanding netball player she is."