An estimated 400,000 girls and women play football in Australia. For them, the joy of kicking a ball with friends at their favourite grounds can’t be replaced.

Now school’s back in the classroom and we can sit at our favourite café to enjoy a cappuccino, soon, we’ll be back playing football.

State and territory footballing bodies have given the green light to return to training, albeit with some strings attached and barring something extraordinary occurring, we are set to enjoy some football in 2020.

It’s a beautiful outcome for the beautiful game.

Rewind a couple of months and the ink hadn’t yet dried on registration forms across the country when we found ourselves faced with a global pandemic and without our beloved football-filled weekends.

No one is questioning the necessity of stopping football, but it doesn’t mean we can’t miss it either and hope for its glorious return.

Some aspire to play for the Matildas while others are content to be part of a team they have known for years. Separated by desire but united by the love of football. Let’s face it - there’s only so much toilet paper juggling or solo backyard drills we can take.

Football fans around the country are dying out for screamers scored like Sam Kerr; whipped-in crosses like Ellie Carpenter; clearing headers like Alanna Kennedy; inch-perfect passes like Emily van Egmond; and diving saves like Lydia Williams.

And soon enough, their wish might just be granted. For now though, football's fate lies with the state and territory governments.

They hold the key that will unlock the door for football to return to our weekends.

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