She spoke to The Women's Game in November last year about her desire to play in the World Cup and she said no words would be able to describe that feeling. 

"It's almost like a life achievement, I've given so much to this game for such a long time now that it's almost like the icing on cake but once again the priority with that is to get the ticket and two to be in the best possible form and shape for the team to have the chance to take that World Cup home," Gielnik said. 

Hearing whether or not she would make the Matildas 2019 World Cup squad, she was hoping for the good news.

"You're making my heart skip a beat, I don't know if this is going to be a good phone call or a bad one," Geilnik said.

"I've missed out on a World Cup and Olympics so I'm hoping third time's the charm.

"Hopefully you're about to give me some good news."

But the news she had been waiting for finally came...she was going to the World Cup. 

"This is amazing. I am crying, but it's a good cry," Gielnik said.

"I'm going to the World Cup."

Gielnik Facetimed her mum and dad to let them know the news. However, she was still crying at that point.

Her mum answered and she went white thinking she wasn't going.

"I told her the news and the tune changed quickly so it was good spirits and it was nice to see how proud they were of me," Gielnik said.