sandrews_b5_wswSo it’s been a little over a week since our victory against Sydney FC. We needed that win for more reasons than points. 

We needed to have the faith in ourselves to continue to succeed, as we know that people around us may doubt our success or have low expectations for us due to the club’s history. We are a strong side that has been training well and hard. We have come together not only on the pitch but off the pitch as well, and our camaraderie is what will be our 12th man on the pitch when we struggle.

We had a weekend off this past week...but it was well deserved as it was similar to what I know in America as college pre-season.

Fitness, ice baths, 1v1, 2v2, small sided games and high intensity. For the weekend off, my roommates along with a few others went on a camping trip to Margaret River.

It was beautiful, the surf was a bit too challenging for Telford and I, but Aivi (ROXY FISH) enjoyed herself. We pitched tents, and had good times cooking and sitting by the fire. We made it home Monday morning and spent the rest of our day cleaning the house and preparing for the week.

Practices this week have been productive, especially because we focused on the back four.

We will be much better over the weekend versus Western Sydney, no question. After that it is a long week ahead because we have three games in eight days!!!