Lydia Williams - 6

Williams was called into being sweeper keeper a number of times to keep City out of danger but there weren't too many instances where she was troubled with shots. 

Ellie Carpenter - 6.5

Won ball to begin City's attack and break through with the opening goal but she failed to clear Logarzo's cross which landed with Huerta who finished. Carpenter assisted Mijatovic's winner with a well-timed whipped cross that was allowed to hit the back post. 

Lauren Barnes - 7

Comfortable on the ball taking risks in possession. She stopped Huerta in her tracks on a few occasions and was putting in a great number of last ditch tackles. 

Emma Checker - 6.5

Checker had a comfortable game with positioning put to the test. There wasn't a moment to rest dealing with an in form Remy Siemsen. 

Steph Catley - 6

Catley had a golden opportunity to send City in front with a point blank effort easily saved by Bledsoe. 

Milica Mijatovic - 7

Held onto the ball just long enough on the counter before releasing to Emily Van Egmond to finish inside five minutes. A thuinderous finish in the 75th minute sealed the points for Melbourne City. 

Emily Van Egmond - 6.5

Her third goal of the season came only minutes in as she found space on the right side of the box behind Ally Green to finish into the bottom corner. 

Rebekkah Stott - 6

Gave away possession leading to Princess Ibini chance but set up Mijatovic for what should have been the goal that put City up but it wasn't meant to be.