Melbourne City shocked the packed Cromer crowd only three minutes in when Milica Mijatovic sped towards the Sydney defence before releasing Emily Van Egmond who slotted home the opener. 

Sydney FC probed further but Princess Ibini's shooting boots weren't on in the first half, letting two golden chances fall by the way side as they searched for an equaliser. 

Their goal finally came towards the end of the first half courtesy of Sofia Huerta who received Chloe Logarzo's through ball and cut in to finish past Lydia Williams. 

Mijatovic was Sydney's enemy again in the second half when she powered home a half volley into the bottom right corner to win the game for Melbourne City. 


Aubrey Bledsoe - 6

There were many moments when City were threatening Sydney's penalty area and Bledsoe came up big with a point blank save against Steph Catley to keep the scores level.

Ally Green - 6

Green didn't do enough to close off the angle for Emily Van Egmond who found space in behind to finish for City's opener.

Natalie Tobin - 6

Tobin had a few successful tackles but all in all had an average game. She was replaced by Alanna Kennedy at half time. 

Ellie Brush - 6

As the game wore on Brush composed herself more on the ball to Sydney FC's benefit. She looked to improve as Kennedy took her place beside her but Carpenter's ball in for the winner wasn't dealt with.

Angelique Hristodoulou - 6.5

Hristodoulou's tackling was exceptional and her ability to read the game and City's passing patterns saw her intercept and block many avenues for attack.

Teresa Polias - 5.5

At her tenacious best, although her passing and decision making was seriously put to the test against City's stacked midfield. 

Chloe Logarzo - 6.5

She showed incredible persistence to create a chance after going down 1-0 and working hard in midfield. A beautiful lofted ball breached City's defence for Huerta to finish. 

Sofia Huerta - 6.5

Her forward runs were another problem for City to deal with as she scored the equaliser breaching City's right side. Her decision making and passing up until that point were below par. 

Princess Ibini - 6

Had two chances moments after City scored to square the ledger. A third one came her way but she just didn't have her shooting boots on against City. 

Remy Siemsen - 5.5

The in-form striker couldn't build on her brilliant start with another goal against City but she was drifting and dragging the City defenders to create goal scorign opportunities for her teammates. 

Caitlin Foord - 5.5

At times it looked like Foord wasn't backing herself to take on her Matildas teammate Steph Catley. However, her long range passing usually found it's mark. 


Alanna Kennedy - 6

Kennedy's introduction at half time was an offensive as well as defensive change by Ante Juric. 

Shadeene Evans - N/A


Lydia Williams - 6

Williams was called into being sweeper keeper a number of times to keep City out of danger but there weren't too many instances where she was troubled with shots. 

Ellie Carpenter - 6.5

Won ball to begin City's attack and break through with the opening goal but she failed to clear Logarzo's cross which landed with Huerta who finished. Carpenter assisted Mijatovic's winner with a well-timed whipped cross that was allowed to hit the back post. 

Lauren Barnes - 7

Comfortable on the ball taking risks in possession. She stopped Huerta in her tracks on a few occasions and was putting in a great number of last ditch tackles. 

Emma Checker - 6.5

Checker had a comfortable game with positioning put to the test. There wasn't a moment to rest dealing with an in form Remy Siemsen. 

Steph Catley - 6

Catley had a golden opportunity to send City in front with a point blank effort easily saved by Bledsoe. 

Milica Mijatovic - 7

Held onto the ball just long enough on the counter before releasing to Emily Van Egmond to finish inside five minutes. A thuinderous finish in the 75th minute sealed the points for Melbourne City. 

Emily Van Egmond - 6.5

Her third goal of the season came only minutes in as she found space on the right side of the box behind Ally Green to finish into the bottom corner. 

Rebekkah Stott - 6

Gave away possession leading to Princess Ibini chance but set up Mijatovic for what should have been the goal that put City up but it wasn't meant to be.

Yukari Kinga - 6

Incredible vision to pick out Emslie's run 18 minutes in and was pulling strings in then final third for Melbourne City. 

Kyah Simon - 6

Simon was finding plenty of touches in and around the area but few opportunities to penetrate he 18-yard box. 

Claire Emslie - 6

The Scottish international butchered a one-on-one opportunity to put City two goals ahead in the first half. Her diagonal runs were causing Sydney FC all sorts of problems but couldn't find a finishing touch. 


Rhali Dobson - N/A