The USA followed up their strong finish on day one with a win over Russia, with only a conversion separating the sides.

Joanne Fa'avesi was happy with the win, and being able to empty the tank before a decent rest.

“Every game is important, but we specifically train to play quarter-finals. Day one you take your good and your bad but it doesn’t count if you don’t get past quarter-finals.”

Fa'avesi is looking forward to day three, and particularly the challenge that playing New Zealand brings.

“I like to think that somewhere down the line, every team is going to be a part of that good competition. We want to play the best.”

New Zealand were troubled early by Canada, but held on for a win following a few errors in wet conditions. It was an important win for the side, and Michaela Blyde was still catching her breath after a quick finish against one of their recent tough rivals.

“We knew we only had one game today so we literally had to empty the tank just for 14 minutes, we get a massive rest to get ready for tomorrow.”

Blyde is in a seesawing race for top try scorer with Canada’ Bianca Farella but isn’t focused on more than end results.

“For me personally my number one goal is for us to win the World Series for a start. Obviously, those little individual acknowledgments are humbling, but that’s just a part of my role, scoring tries on the outside.”

“It’s really good because obviously, all these other teams are coming through. A classic example is Ireland. They’re kind of one of those teams that one tournament they’ll make quarter-finals and then the next tournament they struggle. For them personally, it’s really cool to see them grow.”