"There have always been women doing strong acts," says Corinne.

What is Strongman (woman):

You might picture bodybuilding, but it's not at all about how you look. These women don't do steroids, they eat whatever they want, the lift heavy cement balls, toss tyres and they could easily pick you up over their heads. It's all about strength and endurance.

The Campaign

Alex and Corinne initially wanted to get funding from Screen Australia and while they did receive some, it’s only enough to help with research and writing and not enough to cover filming their reel. Hence their Pozible campaign, Strong Women, to document their story.

It was a chance meeting between Corinne and Mari Whyte that set the wheels in motion.

“The sport was totally foreign to us but we found it interesting,” Corinne notes.

“I was blown away by Mari’s passion and dedication to it. Then I went to a competition and saw all of these women cheering everyone on. Everyone wants the woman to succeed and lift whatever she is trying to lift.”

“The women who compete all have these various backgrounds that led them to Strongwoman. And we've noticed, for quite a few of them the sport is helping them train through the pain."

Corinne and Alex's goal is to showcase what it means to be physically strong as well as mentally strong and they’re keen to inspire other women.

“Some of them are trying to get through something - addictions, bulimia, domestic violence.

“The strongwomen are all very athletic. Alira is a Crossfit champ, she crossed over into strongman. Mari was a bodybuilder and powerlifter and then went to strongman.

"Women are really loving strongman. When they have sampled all the other strength sports they’re going into strongman and they love it.”

The documentary web-series will follow a team of Strong Women who do Strongman competitions, follow them as they train through the pain of their pasts, compete on international stages and reflect on the tough sacrifices they make to be the world’s strongest women, inside and out.

The biggest events are the ASAs - Australian Strongman Alliance and The Arnolds with the next major event coming up on October 1st and 2nd to crown Australia's Strongest Man & Woman.

The Strong Women Pozible campaign runs until 18/09/2018.

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The Team:

The Strong Women are a team of resilient and tough women who practice the sport Strongman, a sport all about strength. 

Alira Verity: 2017 Worlds 5th Strongwoman U60kg

Mariko Whyte (Mari) - 2nd Strongest women in AUS (Arnold’s Sport Festival)

Kerryn Siems: 2nd & 4th Place Arnold’s Aus

Liana Wylie: The Deadlift Queen 

Melissa Oskan

Anthony Rogers Photography