The C1 gold followed a gold medal in the women’s K1 24 hours earlier, and a golden double on the opening weekend of the ICF season in Slovakia.

It is the first time since both C1 and K1 women's events were made available that an athlete has a 100% win rate.

"It was an amazing weekend again, I'm thrilled to win the two events again," she said.

"It was quite a surprise in the K1 and to back it up with the C1 is awesome," Fox added.

Fox previously won four gold medals from five starts in the C1 in 2013, missing out on gold in the first race of the year.

Fox, who is the world No.1 in C1, picked up six seconds in penalties during her C1 semi, which put her into the final in fifth position but in her final run she had a stunning 96.51 seconds despite two touches and was the only women to go under 100 seconds.

"I didn't start off great here in my qualification run," she said.

"In my C1 race, I felt great on the water but I still made a couple of mistakes which I'm frustrated with," Fox said.

Up next weekend is Augsburg, Germany.