Is that feeling of false or inauthentic growth surrounding double header crowds valid?

Is intention — whether people actually set out to watch the women’s game or stumbled upon a small amount of it by virtue of getting to the men’s game early — really important when calculating attendances?

When it comes to stand alone games, last season saw a total of 29,529 people get down to a W-League game. This season that figure rose slightly to 29,791.

The average crowd at stand alone games rose from 820 last season to 993 this season.

So with all these figures and the knowledge that a discussion about crowds encompasses so much more than just how many people are in the stands, are double headers the best way to grow the W-League?

*NB: All my crowd figures were collected from the W-League website. While I would’ve loved for this piece to encompass more than just the last two seasons, crowd figures were difficult to come by so take into consideration the limits of what’s been presented in this piece.