This season that has increased to 24 double headers but only 30 stand alone games.

Working with the knowledge that double header W-League crowds are often well into four figures, those extra six games represent an increase in attendance before the season has even begun.

When you compare the numbers between the two types of matches from one season to the next, the results are interesting.

Last season, the total crowd for double header W-League games was 46,165. This season, with the six extra games, 85,296 people attended the W-League as part of a double header.

The average attendance increased by 39 percent from 2,565 last season to 3,554 this season.

Double header figures must also take into consideration how crowds are counted at these games.

Attendance figures for the first game in a double header are typically calculated around the 70th minute mark.

Speaking from experience attending both Melbourne Victory and Melbourne City double headers, the difference in crowd number between kick off in the W-League — even when poor scheduling isn’t a factor — and half time is very different.

Just as it is different when compared to the hour mark and even 80 minutes in.

With that in mind as well as the figures mentioned before, a few questions are raised.