Among the many things, Australian women’s football needs to discuss is the use of double headers.

It’s a topic that encompasses so much more than just match day itself. In the W-League, double headers are intrinsically connected to broadcasting, scheduling and venues.

For starters, Australian women’s football is still in no position to take its television presence for granted.

A few years ago, the W-League was only shown as part of double headers with men’s A-League games.

That is, more often than not, still the condition behind W-League games being broadcast.

While complaints about every game not being available to watch are valid, there must also be an acknowledgement of the good work that has happened in this area.

More games have been broadcast compared to last season, 27 to 17.

Three games have also been live streamed on Fox Sports in collaboration with Sportscast Australia and Professional Footballers Australia.

On average, more games are being shown per round and the W-League usually has more games on free to air per round than the A-League (Friday night and Sunday afternoon on SBS Viceland compared to Saturday night on One.)

‘At least it’s better than nothing’ is a familiar refrain from fans but when do we start to move beyond that?