Hosting the 2023 FIFA Women's World Cup has provided an incredible opportunity for Australians to see the national women's team in full, glorious flight. It's also an opportunity to remember those groundbreaking female footballers who paved the way for today's superstars.

To that end, global sports brand PUMA launched an immersive experience on Cockatoo Island, in the heart of Sydney Harbour.  This idyllic setting will be the venue for the historic ReMatch honouring many players from the original Australian and New Zealand women’s teams from 1975  and will take place Saturday July 22, 2023.  The trail blazing women playing in the match helped pave the way for women’s football in Oceania and with this exhibition they'll round out an almost fifty year journey from pioneers to legends.

They will be joined by a select group of aspiring 14-17 year-old female athletes who have been chosen to participate in a four-day program (20th-23rd July) that serves as a special edition of PUMA's unique Accelerator Program.

With the guidance of experts including actor Celeste Barber, world record sailor Jess Watson and Australian of the Year and Netflix documentary creator Taryn Brumfitt alongside the 1975 teams,  the initiative aims to build on the legacy of the ground-breaking players and accelerate the careers of the next generation of female athletes.

Pertinently, given the knee injuries afflicting several high profile female players prior to and at this Women's World Cup tournament, PUMA is also furthering its commitment to the health and safety of female athletes by announcing their investment in a research study that will further explore ACL injuries in women's football. Female players are known to be between 2-10 times more likely to suffer an ACL injury than their male counterparts and PUMA's research aims to delve into these injuries' complex dynamics and develop an effective training programs with the aim to reduce the risk for female athletes, as well as creating boots and player wear that is specifically made for female players.

With the Women's World Cup in full swing it's an exciting time to be a Matildas supporter and also to remember and honour those  trailblazing players that came before.