Ella Mastrantonio - 7.5

She showed glimpses of absolute class out there, a few through balls that were nothing short of sensational. Arguably the Wanderers' best on the day.

Kyra Cooney Cross - 6

Perhaps another learning experience, but given her performances this season, she'll be naturally disappointed. Credit to her fantastic season that we have such high expectations.

Courtney Vine - 7

She was really impressive, given the momentous task she faced. One of Western Sydney's most notable attacking assets.

Kristen Hamilton - 7

Always up for the challenge, leading by example despite her incredible isolation. You get the feeling she did effectively everything she humanly could.

Susan Phonsongkham - 6.5

Phonsongham had a huge role to play tonight but unfortunately she certainly didn't have an overt impact on the match. Fantastic tank though, never stopped running.


Chloe Middleton - 6

Thrown into the deep end, chasing her own tail at times.

Alex Huynh - N/A

In hindsight, perhaps a shame that wasn't included in the starting lineup. She's been fantastic this season and her mixture of skill and physicality was what Western Sydney were sorely lacking tonight.