Abby Smith - 7

A few tidy saves from her acute sense of position, but she'll be disappointed she couldn't have one of her best performances today. The Wanderers really needed it.

Courtney Nevin - 6

"A learning experience" as the commentators quipped. Her task was near impossible, but given her potential, in hindsight it was a fantastic challenge for the young prodigy.

Sam Staab - 6.5

She had a few sensational moments, certainly showing her keen eye for dying interceptions. But overall, she was outplayed. As were her entire team.

Caitlin Cooper - 7

Again, there was room for optimism in Cooper's performance. Her experience showed - she rose to the occasion, which may seem incongruous with the scoreline, but was evident in her never-say-die approach to one on one challenges.

Danika Matos - 6.5

She pressed forward intelligently, but her passing left too much to be desired.

Amy Harrison - 6

Disappointing this afternoon. Western Sydney needed her to be at her absolutely Matildas-esque best if they were going to stand a chance tonight but she couldn't work her way into the match.